National Volunteer Week: Donald Slovin


Donald Slovin has been volunteering with Inspiring Minds for a little over a year now, focusing most of his efforts in the Tech Center and at E-Cubed Academy tutoring math. He has also been involved with the KidsBridge summer program and tutored last summer at Juanita Sanchez High School!

If that isn’t already impressive enough, Don also volunteers his time with other organizations every week, including School on Wheels and in the Newton school system in Massachusetts.

As a retired pathologist, Don spent time brushing up on his chemistry in order to tutor it to high-school students in the Tech Center, and said he feels like he has learned a lot personally from the experience; with no previous teaching experience, he said he’s had fun and been challenged by helping others understand concepts.

He says his motivation for doing volunteer work goes back to a basic feeling he has, that we live in an era where a lot of kids are tremendously advantaged and that students impacted by income inequality tend to fall behind. He says, “I do what I can to provide them with some of the advantages they otherwise couldn’t afford.”

We feel so lucky to have Don as a volunteer with our students and to see him every time he tutors in the Tech Center! Please join us as we thank him for all he does for our community!


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