National Volunteer Week: Cristian Cepeda

Cristian Cepeda

Cristian Cepeda can actually recall the first day he ever came to Inspiring Minds – February 13, 2014 – because it was the date of a chess tournament held here in the Tech Center. After speaking that day with Carlos Lopez, our Youth Center Assistant, Cristian eventually decided to return to the Tech Center, eventually becoming a regular in-office volunteer!

We are lucky to be joined almost every day by Cristian, and he provides valuable assistance to students and staff alike – from tutoring, to helping make sure the Tech Center runs smoothly, to assisting with office mailings, Cristian can be found doing a little bit of everything here at Inspiring Minds!

He is also heavily involved in Classical High School’s chess club and can regularly be found helping there during chess season; Cristian says that he believes practicing and playing chess helps develop one’s attention, discipline, memory, logic, and problem-solving (among many other skills), and he sees students involved in the chess club build these skills while involved in the club.

Cristian credits a lot of his inspiration to volunteer to his own mentor in high-school, whom he saw often in chess club and homeroom and who helped him be able to participate in additional chess activities outside of school. After acknowledging the impact this teacher had on him, Cristian adds, “I kind of want to do that for everyone else.”

We’re floored to have such an inspiring, kind, and helpful individual volunteer in our office with us. Join our team as we thank him for all he does for Providence students!


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